Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hank "Babe" Lopez

Hank “Babe” Lopez


What Street has always heard from one particular faction was that Hank “Babe” Lopez discovered budget shortfall… he felt that “Pastrick Administration” was gonna blame him for shortfall. On the other hand, source alleges that Pastrick Administration didn’t trusted Hank “Babe” Lopez to go and talk to “the Feds”. Ultimately, he was killed and his car dumped in the canal over there on Kennedy Avenue (Old Harrison Walker Plant). Found brick on the gas pedal…

Bottom Line

People see that you killed Hank “Babe” Lopez thank, hell, he was “one of their own. What would they do to me if I tell the police what know about the shooting. People were scared…. Still scared.

Hank “Babe” Lopez

He was “a purchaser” at Local #1010 and was easily picked by “Team Pastrick” when he left Inland Steel.

Who Killed Him?

“Bochinche” is that Corfy killed ‘Hank “Babe” Lopez, but then Corfy was shot and killed as he rolled under his to try and hide.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Guess Who

Guess Who Was Chief of E.C.P.D.


Everybody at East Chicago Poe-Poe knew that Montemayor was beating his wife, but everybody looked the other way. Nobody got him any help, and thus we have such a tragic ending result. Nobody said boo! Adding insult to injury, you read where E.C. Poe-Poe didn’t call Hammond Poe-Poe to give them a “heads up?”

Friday, February 17, 2017

Stacked Deck II

Stacked Deck II


Lefty, Jan’s Towing, never had a chance when he went in front of the Lake County Election Board to file his complaint against Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr., and this what Lefty, Jan’s Towing, was up against… counting McDermott, Jr. that “five freakin’ lawyers vs Lefty. McDermott, Jr. called them “nuisance complaints” by Lefty, but, yet, he had a lawyer on each side of him at his hearing in Crown Point.
Mayor McDermott, Jr. even mentioned anecdote at the hearing about missing a chance to go visit a Hammond school and meet with the kids… Instead, he had to answer “Lefty’s nuisance complaints. This was Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. pandering to his flock of voters. Anybody got a Kleenex. McDermott, Jr. won that day.


Jim Wieser spoke on their behalf when they tried to a build prison in Gary. Hired gun for “GEO” in this deal. They were pitching to Garry, Indiana.

Right Now – 2.17.17

McDermott, Jr. is pushing Wieser for Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Party. “We need a fresh deck of cards”… Wiser is McDermott, Jr.s’ proxy for the Chairman.