Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Couldn't Find Wedding Gift

Couldn’t Find Wedding Gift

          It was 2.7.17, and Street went out to The Board of Election that morning.  Street was looking for $300.00 dollars wedding gift that Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. gave to Dave’s, The Mailman, son. The clerk there sat down at her desk and looked at computer screen for 35 minutes.
Clerks comes back to the counter. “There’s no $300.00 dollars wedding gift,” she told me.
“Well then, can you write on this receipt you didn’t find anything?” Street inquired.
The Clerk wrote on request for public record” sheet.

Street picked up the document and headed out the door.
“Hey,” The Clerk hollered out to me. Street came back into the office. “I found your wedding gift,” she told me.