Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kitchen and Forster

Indictments Provide Impetus for People to Come Forward


Remember going to the Lake County Sheriff Merit Board meeting to research a story… Al Salinas II, Oscar Sanchez, Pastor from Gary and Sheriff Buncich (on hiatus) were members of this merit board… Street wanted to find out why Lake County Sheriff Department didn’t bring in “outside agency” to investigate this car crash. It was a crash that involved two Lake County Sheriff Deputies in which one died.

Public Comment Period

Streetwise introduced himself to the board and addressed questions to Chief Marco Kuyacich was “running the meeting” and obviously “the big dog” here.
“I’ll tell you why we didn’t call in outside agency” … we have the best accident reconstructionist in the area,” Kuyacich responded to my question, and it sounded like a really good answer.


Why They Call Me Streetwise

Had a conversation with a source on a whole other topic when Street went to working him.
“Why didn’t Lake County Sheriff Department call in “State Poe-Poe to “eyeball this one”, Boss?” Street cut to the chase.
“You wanna know something else,” Source asked me.
“At the meeting, Chief Kuyacich tells me they have the best accident reconstructionist in the area,” Street shots his wad.
“He’s absolutely right, Street… only thing is they didn’t send the best reconstructionist to the “crash site” that left Forster dead,” Source is telling me stuff that my ears my ears perk up like a good canine.

“Dos Preguntas” (Two Questions)

1.    Maybe, the best accident reconstructionist in the area was having surgery at Christ Memorial?

2.    Maybe, the best reconstructionist in the area was fishing in Wyoming? Hiking in Arizona?

“He was on call, Street,” Source tells me.

“Don’t jerk me off, bro,” Street fires back.

“I’m not jerking you off, bro,” Source re-assures me.

“Wow!” Is all that Street could muster as he talked to himself?

Something Street Read

News is what people don’t want you to know… the rest is all advertisement.

Keeping It 100

Bet you “State Poe-Poe would have gotten a blood test on Kitchen!!!!