Wednesday, March 8, 2017

People Ain't Feelin" You

People Ain’t Feelin’ You Any More


Guy sent me an email telling about an adventure involving Chief Downs and Murchek. Allegedly they drove a Sheriff’s SUV” to Detroit, Michigan to watch the Chicago Bears play against the Lions. It turns out that “SUV” broke down and allegedly Willie Szarmach was called to tow “SUV” back to Indiana. Source emailed me this “intel” after Buncich voted for Wieser, you feel me?

Buncich is the same guy who “beat the drum” to indict Robert Battle of east Chicago to resign, but Buncich won’t resign his “indicted ass”! Two precinct committee persons from Gary had “strokes” and weren’t allowed to vote by “proxy”. Committeewoman from Hammond was in Spain and couldn’t vote by “proxy”? all three were African-American and were wanting to vote for Michael Repay.