Saturday, March 4, 2017

Prostitution 2 Blocks From My Church

Prostitution 2 Blocks From My Church


Street wanted this narrative to coincide with the narrative on Hank “Babe” Lopez murder. “The mind set” in East Chicago has always been to “you better not say nothing”.  There are people that know who shot Hank “Babe” Lopez. But they were “part of the program” in East Chicago and wouldn’t say bow!

Ditto for the house of prostitution on Magoun for years and years, and you had Pete and Mabel’s in “the Harbor” who had “working girls” inside?

Enter Stage Door left, Father Steve

“There is a house of prostitution 2 blocks down from my Church,” Father Steve Gibson started out. “Oriental Massage” is just the front for this “cat house” on Magoun in East Chicago.”

“What you want me to do, Padre,” Street was straight up with him.

“I want it shut down, Ricardo!” Father Steve Gibson called me by name and gave me my marching orders.

First Move

Called up Sheriff Roy Dominguez to set up a meeting for Father Steve with Sheriff Dominguez to voice his concern. Sheriff with that “ah shuck manner he puts on told me “no problem”. We’’ set something up. Right away, Street contacted Father Steve Gibson and told him what was up?

Father Steve Told Me

In our discussion about “the house of prostitution on Magoun with Father Steve Gibson… The mayor and the guy running against him don’t care about the issue. That sound of despair came through in his voice. Mayor Pastrick was running against George Pabey in 2003.

Bottom Line

Meeting with Sheriff Dominguez never happened!!! Street took notes.

Indiana State Police

Street had source to call up I.S.P. and tell them about the “cat house” on Magoun in East Chicago. Source told me that I.S.P. told him if ECPD didn’t care, why should we.
Fast Forward and Pabey is Mayor of East Chicago

Mayor Pabey hosted a town hall meeting at O.L.G Church in the “Harbor”. Machuca was Chief of Poe-Poe now and Medina his assistant. Nava was “shot caller” Lieutenant of Gang and Narcotics, Manny Montalvo, etc.; etc., Team Pabey. Source videotaped the meeting and got me copy.

The Gold

Receiving the video, Street caught something. There was a Mexican guy in the audience who asked a question to Mayor Pabey “When are you going to get rid of the whore house in East Chicago,” he asked.

“We already closed “Pete and Mabel’s” and “the one on Magoun is next,” the mayor tells him.

Street rewind the clip and played it over and over.

Next Day

Street told Father Steve Gibson that he’d give him copy of the video… Time passed, and Father Steve saw the video and wasn’t satisfied. Father Steve tell me that a person from the community told him that business is still “going on”.

“why don’t you call up Mayor Pabey’s office and tell them that t’s not true what he said about that place down,” Father Steve Gibson wanted to “dump” it on me.

“Padre, I’m fighting this guy on a whole different front. Why don’t you call city hall,” asked Father Steve Gibson.

Father Steve Gibson called up the mayor’s office and told them that “cat house” is still opened. And before you know it, The Oriental Massage Parlor (cat house) on Magoun was soon shut down for good.

Father Steve Gibson and Mel Gibson are second cousin.