Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Bonilla Story Continues

     News Is What People Don’t Want You to Know… Everything Else Is All Advertising


Remember talking to Mr. Bonilla about his son. Tell me how sees it and my attempt to get a perspective. Street was there to help him find the truth because we had “cold hard fact” to support our allegation I’ll tell you that.

1.         Mr. Angel Bonilla, he told me that Gilbert wasn’t in a gang and really felt shame and hurt how “The Times” printed, “East Chicago Police Kill Teen Gang Member”. Mr. Angel Bonilla told me that if Gilbert was in a gang his teachers from East Chicago Washington wouldn’t have attended his funeral… They knew which ones were in gangs… Angel told me in Spanish.
2.            Mr. Angel Bonilla told me that he knew about a guy named “Fat Cat” cracked Gilbert’s head open because he didn’t want to join the “Imperial Gangsters”. Angel Bonilla mentioned that his insurance from Youngstown paid the hospital bill.
3.            Mr. Angel Bonilla didn’t stutter when Street spoke to him about the court order, lawyer, etc..; etc. “Si, yo busco la verdad en este caso.” Angel would talk in Spanish when he was real serious or wanted to make a point. “Yes, I’m interest in looking for the truth in what happened.” He wanted to know what happened in his son’s case.
4.           Mr. Angel Bonilla told me that Joey Ontiveros and Gilbert were best friends. That fateful night 10.31.85 on Halloween night. They both were “wearing camos’. Joey would come over to eat at the Gilbert’s house. Joey is mentioned in Jennifer’s email.

Mr. Angel Bonilla had no support system around him in 1985. Alfredo was in the Marines in North Carolina and the other son just starting to work. Daughter was married and living in Mexico. Angel Bonilla couldn’t speak real good English… Now in retrospect he regrets not talking to Channel 7. But he was broken hearted over death of his son, and maybe ‘”dropped the ball”.