Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The End Game

The End Game


Remember, “3 Letter Boyz” were telling me that “Quantico” had a “system” that could retrieve what has been erased on a particular document… Stressed the fact you read the original document right now. Street had a copy of the original file #85-18660 Offense Report of Gilbert Homicide.

Enter Stage Door Left

Chief Mark Becker

He was the retired FBI agent who became Chief of East Chicago Police Department in 2012.


This was a guy who Street invited to ride the free buses and talk to the people of East Chicago. Street noticed how he said yes to the “P.R.” photos. “You’ll really make a good impression if you have lunch at “the Sal” ie., Salvation Army. Chief Becker said, “Let’s do it.”

Some guy on Main and Broadway was shining shoes. “Shine ‘em up, boss,” Guy asked Chief Becker.

“yeah, he’ll take a shine, my brother,” Street answered for Chief Becker, who was “straight up” and did P.R. work with a smile. Didn’t hold his nose, and that is what Street was looking for, you feel me? Chief Becker “broke bread” at the “Salvation Army and left a $20-dollar donation.

Why We Have A Ball Game

Chief Becker got #85-18660 Offense Report to Quantico (FBI academy). We want the new U.S Attorney for Northern District to make a call to Quantico. Tell us what they found in regards to #85-18660 Offense Report Gilbert Bonilla Homicide. We’ve already done the “grunt work”.

Ricardo “Streetwise” Moreno

P.S.: Have autopsy that contradict Pabey’s version of the shooting.