Monday, April 17, 2017

Keeping It One Hundred

Keeping It One Hundred


You had a car crash that involved two Lake County Sheriff Deputies that left one dead… Deputy who survived the fatal car crash lied on the police report in claimed the Deputy who died in the fatal crash was driving, you feel me? In actuality, he was covering up.

The Penalty

Sheriff Buncich gave this Deputy two weeks off “without pay” and some counseling program, and case was closed. “Real cop” would have “launched” Deputy for lying on a report. “Fast, quick and in a hurry”, you feel me? The Lake County Sheriff Merit Board “rubber stamped” Buncich’s decision, which was of a politician, not a cop!!!

That stuff Buncich wrote in the paper, he needs to blow that out his “you know what”.


Phonier than a “3-dollar bill” … East Chicago Poe-Poe was on trial in Judge Murray’s chamber… Case was “shepherd in” by Sheriff Dominguez who pushed for this “weak case”. But the “beef” involved East Chicago Poe-Poe who supported “J.B.” over Dominguez (Hatfield and McCoy). Street was right there supporting East Chicago Poe-Poe and riding herd on this case. Chief Alcala, Sgt. Grav, Hillsman, Frankie Maldonado and Poe-Poe’s people were all there to support him. Street always did a head count. And failed to see “J.B.” in court to support East Chicago Poe-Poe. After all this is why East Chicago Poe-Poe was trial in this “political vendetta that played out in front of me. E.C. Poe-Poe supported Buncich over Dominguez for Sheriff, you feel me?

Back Story

East Chicago Poe-Poe was “Mexican cat” who supported Buncich over Dominguez. They play rough in Lake County politics. (Trump up charges).

Street Had to Dip

Called up Buncich that night and told him that he was “M.I.A.” on supporting E.C. Poe-Poe in Lake County Superior Court. Street had some bass in his voice as he told Buncich. “My guy on the “hot seat” for supporting you, and you can’t come and do support for him.” Street was hot!  Next day Buncich showed up in Jude Murray’s courtroom.

Morale to Story

Street don’t make that call. Buncich don’t come to court.


Note: Case that involved two deputies in car crash was inherited by Sheriff Buncich from Sheriff Dominguez.