Friday, May 19, 2017

El Sombrero Tambien

Robert "Coop" Battle 

El Sombrero Tambien?


In December of 2016, “DEA” rolled on a house on McCook in West Calumet… Discovered substantial amounts of that “girl”. Then source allege that “a cat” who was caught up in drug raid is talking. We had three East Chicago Poe-Poe on the payroll. Cat told three letter boyz. Word on the street is Robert “Coop” Battle has taken singing lessons and singing really good now.


“Girl” is a slang for Cocaine.
“Bird” is a slang for Kilo.

Chief Doughty

He might have Poe-Poe messing with that “girl”.

Best Kept Secret

East Chicago Poe-Poe had and still maintains a file where “screw ups are kept away from the press. Especially, if you’re cool with the top boss.

Side Bar

Midnight Blue Towing who tows in Crown Point may have gotten a “target letter” along with Mayor Uran of Crown Point. Allegedly three other Mayors also got target letter.