Monday, August 14, 2017

The World Discovered Willie Szarmach's Nickhame

The World Discovered Willie Szarmach's Nickname


A Federal bribery trial at the U.S. Federal Court had tow truck operators raised their right hands. S & S Towing, Bennie’s Towing, Jan’s Towing are on deck for Monday.

Note: Steve’s Towing took the 5th @Grand Jury. 700 hundred tows in one year.

Side Bar

A.   Larry Rogers is doing work for Buncich – pro bono. Larry Rogers was a former Poe-Poe, who went to law school and became a lawyer. Very close friend with Sharon Bennett, who worked for Sheriff Buncich (gravy job), and she has been in court all last week.

B.   A lawyer in the know told me that Buncich is done. Looking at 10 years minimum to 20 years maximum.

C.   Scotty Jurgensen owns S & G, Inc., a towing company with Herrera’s Towing in Hammond as the mailing address. S=Scotty and G=Gabe according to source. “All I know is that I gave a check to Scotty Jurgensen once a month,” Source told a friend when “3 Letter Boyz” rolled on Sheriff Buncich that Thursday morning.

D.   First, Buncich went to Kevin Miller, who told him, even if he would cooperate. 10 years minimum and 20 years maximum,” Miller broke it down… “Blank it! I’ll take it to trial,” Buncich responded.