Thursday, October 26, 2017

We Did Our Homework

We Did Our Homework on This One

It was a while back, but Mayor McDermott, Jr. was on WJOB attacking “Jan’s Towing” John Nauracy once again. “He threatened to kill a federal judge,” Mayor McDermott told his audience. “We did our homework on this,” Mayor McDermott, Jr. boasted…  Street just listened to him talk to Kevin Smith at his side. Marc Chase from “The Times” (newspaper) even referenced on this same allegation, “Lefty threatened to kill a federal judge.

Litmus Test

Street talked to U.S. Attorney in his office in Illinois and told him my narrative. John Nauracy is being “slayed” by a local mayor a newspaper guy in my backyard over these allegations. “We don’t have any charges pending against him,” this guy told me over the phone. Next, Street wanted him to know that I was going to use him as a source but not his name. My source agreed. “Amor!” Street was on to something.

Coming Home Now

Mayor McDermott, Jr. said that he met with the FBI for 2 hours over the pipe bombing. I’d believe 50% of what he told them.

Marc Chase with back to camera

Taking a picture of a tip that Street gave him on Mary Elgin case.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Street in the House

Streetwise in the House

We did an update on this “raggedy ass” roof on a house on Michigan in Hammond recently (scroll down to Blog date; 10.10.17). My contention is that this roof used to be covered with a blue tarp for at least 5 years minimum, but Hammond Code Enforcement never bothered the homeowner.
“I bet you 50-1 that a Mexican or Black person don’t live there,” Street told a friend.
“Why you say dat, Street,” Friend asked me.
“Because Hammond Code Enforcement would have been on their asses fast, quick, and in a hurry if Mexican or Black live there,” Street schooled him. Can discovery material in Jose Andrade’s potential lawsuit.

This woman was convicted of embezzling of thousands of dollars at her private sector job. Mayor McDermott, Jr. wrote a letter of support for her and attended her trial which is fine. But get off that bullshit of ex-felon bit on Jan’s Towing, boss!!!