Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Do-Do Had Beef

Do-Do Had Beef with Code Enforcement



Remember hearing those horror stories about Hammond Code Enforcement Department from people in Hammond… Enter stage door left, Delores Mastof aka Do-Do, who owned a “watering hole” in Hammond. Somebody suggested that Street holla @ Do-Do. Consequently, Street met Do-Do, and one talked at Johnel’s Restaurant… Do-Do drove a white Cadillac with a blue and white license plate that reads: Do-Do. Street did his thing and let Do-Do talk, and Street just absorbed her story looking for gold.

Do-Do Said

Do-Do said that the Hammond Poe-Poe went to her tavern looking for drugs and found none… the next day, Hammond Code enforcement paid Do-Do a visit at her watering hole, and they found $68,000 dollars in code enforcement violations. Fast, quick and in a hurry, Do-Do now had a “padlock” on the front door. Do-Do never opened again because Do-Do didn’t have that kind of money to have repairs done at her place.

“You know why they wanted to shut me down, Streetwise. They didn’t like that Mexican and Blacks frequented my place, and they all got along,” Do-Do spilled her guts to me about how she had seen this whole narrative.

Fairness Doctrine

Street saw photos of Do-Do’s tavern, and you could see the disrepair inside the “joint”. My question is why all suddenly Hammond Code Enforcement wants to bring out the book at Do-Do’s place. Had these violations for years, and nobody said boo until now!!! Why did Do-Do fall into disfavor with Hammond Code Enforcement or when.
                      House on Michigan --- where's Code Enforcement

If Mexican or Black guy owned this. Code Enforcement would be on his ass!