Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

Chief Jeff Smith Gasoline on the Fire

The comment that he posted on Facebook is borderline “domestic terrorism” and very unprofessional for the Hammond Fire Department. To engage in a sophomoric behavior on Facebook but is done every day on the internet. But we can’t pardon a Chief of Hammond Fire Department who was void of his self-control.

Chief Jeff Smith

“Because they wouldn’t take anyone with a felony… have fun at Big Frank’s watch over your shoulder felon.” This type of rhetoric by Chief Jeff Smith adds to the fire at there… Dichotomy within Team McDermott’s message over in Hammond as of this writing.

WJOB Jim Dedelow Question

“Watch over your shoulder felon.” This sounds like a “domestic terrorist threat” to me boss! Come on, Mayor McDermott, Jr. won’t make up stand in the corner boss. What you say.


Marissa McDermott was fraternizing with convicted ex-felons at her fundraiser when she ran for judge.
1.   Al Salinas                        4. Randy Artis
2.   Manny Montalvo              5. Bill Critzer – financial donation
3.   Peter Manous


Lake County Election Board where this happened. This is what I was referring to when I put my finger across my neck at Mayor McDermott, Jr.--- metaphor for to cut out ex-felon shit he uses on Jan’s Towing. Kevin Pastrick comes on WJOB okay.