Monday, October 9, 2017

They Stacked the Deck

They Stacked the Deck,
And Lefty Still Beat Them

Dave Westland ------------ Attorney for McDermott, Jr.
Kevin Smith ---------------- Attorney for McDermott, Jr.
Justin Murphy ------------- Attorney who is the contractor for McDermott, Jr. and member of the Election Board.
Jim Wieser ----------------- Attorney for the Election Board.
Mayor McDermott, Jr. --- Attorney himself.

Street Was There to Take Photos for My Blog

There was a lot of stuff that “Lefty” said that Street didn’t agree with but still defend his right to question Lake County Election Board.

Coming Home

Lefty was able to exit the hearing with a copy of the “lease agreement” that Team McDermott, Jr.” held up for “the Election Board when “Lefty” that dude from “Frog Town” jumped in.
“Can I get a copy of that,” Left asked the board.
They looked at Jim Wieser who spoke, “No, but you can look at it.”
Wieser was now with “my guy”, Lefty. Keep in mind that Street was walking back and forth taking clicks with mu digital camera… mind games by me.
1.    Kevin Smith wouldn’t even look at the camera.
2.    Dave Westland’s forehead was real shinny.
3.    McDermott, Jr. grinning.

Back Story

Mayor McDermott, Jr. was the Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Party not too long… So, there was another “Godfather” in Lake County politics, you feel? Nobody had ever “stood up” to Mayor McDermott, Jr. or refused to “lay down” for him like Lefty. And to his credit, Lefty took them on at the Election Board meeting --- Lake County, i.e.  He “went through the process” like you’re supposed to do… not just call WJOB and “blow hot air” or “post something” on your Facebook page…

After the Meeting

Street was hanging around maybe to get a look at Mayor McDermott, Jr. to maybe give him “the bird”.
Lefty is right next to me and whispered. “Let’s get the “blank” out of here, Street,” Lefty tells me.
And I’m feeling deprived of potentially of giving Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr “the bird”.  We’re walking out of the government center in Crown Point on the ground floor and going down that long corridor.
Lefty is walking pretty fast. “Wait to you see what I got!” Lefty tells me as he holds up a document.
“What you got, or how good is on a scale of 1 thru 10 with 10 being the highest. Street went to work. Outside in the Lake County Government Center parking lot was Lefty’s Ford red 150 with the “chrome bulldog on the front hood.

Wow (Short time later)

Street is looking at the rental house agreement from Mayor McDermott, Jr.’s campaign headquarters Them dumb blank… I can’t help it if they forgot to ask me to return document after they let me look at it. We’re in the truck, and Lefty is telling me all this stuff while Street just stares at the “chrome bulldog. And Lefty drove out of the government center parking lot looking like the cat who ate the canary, you feel me? Exterior of the Lake County Government Center parking lot. Camera shot of Street and Lefty from behind as they sit in the cab of the Ford red 150… Ford truck eases out of parking lot.

F.Y.I (narration O.S.)

The rental lease agreement may come back to bite Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. in the future… Five lawyers napping, and Han’s Towing took advantage like a guy from Frog Town would do. Jan’s Towing may have lost the battle that day, but he may will the war, and that the rental lease agreement can be a surgical strike. (TBC)

P.S. Source told me Mayor McDermott, Jr.’s case is gonna serve as a manual in the future political corruption cases… You look at Buncich’s trail, and time spend on campaign finance reports. That manual could already be paying dividend.

Street Continues

Street never took picture of Scotty’s daughter. She was an innocent party, and we would have come back another day to get “fresh art”.
 Lefty at the Election Board hearing