Thursday, November 30, 2017

Slow But Show

 Slow But Show


Sources now allege Cashier at the Lake County Treasurer office are “back dating checks” in order to help “certain people” avoid paying 5% late penalty fee on property tax bill … Source further explained how if you walk in with cash to pay your property taxes and are looking for a break, you listen? Go get a cashier check or money order and come back to the Treasurer offices (Crown Point, Gary Hammond). Then they can hook you up, you feel me? But how do you square $600,000 in late penalties? Was Judge Arredondo involved?

600,000 dollars owed

The owner of the building allegedly used to be a tax attorney for the Lake County Indiana which made him special. Put this posting on the blog and now sources starting to find their heart just like Lion in The Wizard of Oz. It becomes a steady drip, drip, drip over there at the Lake County Treasurer office. Slow but show like they say in the street.

Dave Gilyan Suing Petalas

This guy used to be attorney for the Gary Sanitary District and attorney for the Lake County Sheriff Merit Board under Roy Dominquez. No square from nowhere and knows the game. Look for a settlement with Dave Gilyan with all document sealed. John Dull will handle this one.


Nicole Charlene was fired from the Lake County Auditor Office within this past week. Source is better than a government check.

Update 11.29.17

Attorney Jewell Harris, Jr. and Heather G from Lake County Treasurer office were on Russell Street this past year. Source alleges that Ed Hall, the owner of 720 Broadway, was a now show.


Jerry Kundich has Kevin Milner for an attorney as of this writing 11.30.17. Had 700 tows one year for Steve’s Towing. Midnight Blue is on deck to be indicted.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

We Got A Harvey Weinstein

We Got Harvey Weinstein At Lake County Government Center

         Tried to tell the local people about a serial groper working at Calumet Township Trustee Office on 6th and Connecticut. He'd sneak out and bring back a 1/4 pound for the female client he liked. Source is telling me as Street couldn't believe his ears as this person brought me up to speed. This was about the  time "3 Letter Boyz" were working Mary Elgin. Street rode the Gary Bus looking for some feedback on Alex Wheeler, an alleged groper, who was in charge of job search there at Trustee Office. Alex Wheeler ain't but a hound-dog, and everybody knows that. Person on the bus tell me, "I believe it."  Woman told me as we talked on same bus. Street took a fairly good sample that day and encountered not one person who vouched for Alex Wheeler.

Back Story

          Source further allege that a woman who was groped by Alex Wheeler made an inquiring with EEOC to file a complaint. The woman who allegedly was groped by Alex Wheeler was at Calumet Trustee Office a short time later.... And nobody said boo!!!

Mary Elgin Next Move

         The woman who worked at job search was transferred to another department, and nobody said boo!!! It was business as usual for Alex Wheeler and merely a "speed bump".

Fly On the Wall Is Me

      Mary Elgin's home as she watches the nightly news about Uma Thurman and more on Harvey Weinstein ... Ditto for her son, Steven,  and all the others at Trustee Office who knew about Alex Wheeler and didn't say boo!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

It Was On Like Donkey Kong

It Was On Like Donkey Kong


Had to mention how Scott Jurgensen had chased us down Route 55 in Merrillville going upward of 100 miles per hour. Lefty is just looking in the rearview mirror laughing his ass off. Street is inside the red Ford 150 and looking out for the Poe-Poe, but nothing this 1130am middle of the weekday.

“He’s coming,” Street tells Lefty.

“F… him,” lefty fires back, so Street just sits back for the ride.

Every now and then, peeping the passenger side rearview mirror. You could see that black Cherokee following us… The tension got turned up a notch when a garbage truck was stopped on a two-lane road. Lefty stopped with two or three cars ahead of us. Again, Street pepped a glance in the side rearview mirror for a glance at scotty Jurgensen gaining on us in this crazy ass chase. As we slowly make our way around this garbage truck.

Street interjects. “As soon as we get around the garbage truck, make your first turn and “punch this bitch”,” Street told Lefty or suggested might be a better way of saying this. But Lefty done right by the first right turn and punched the Ford-150, and we were off to the races… Street wasn’t worried because if Scott was “legit”. He’d just chase us enough to catch Lefty’s license plate and call the “Poe-Poe”. But he didn’t “cause he didn’t have shit and continued to chase us.

Mexican Stand Off

Lefty pulls into small strip mall and makes a hard left, so he can turn around and be facing Scott as be facing as he enters the strip mall on our tail. Once h did. He hit the brakes when he saw that big red Ford-150 truck looking his direction… Have you ever seen a dog is chasing a cat, and they run and run until the cat stops running. The cat goes into his crouch hissing with his hair standing up. Street is talking to Lefty. “

“That dog back up then,” Lefty tells me as we look at black Cherokee about 100 feet from us. And still no Poe-Poe, so that’s a good thing Street thinks to himself. “Yeah, come on you “blank-blank”,” Lefty cruses him out. And just like that Lefty punches red Ford-150, and we were off to the races once again… Lefty looking in that rearview mirror laughs his ass off. Street took mental notes and never that thought for a minute that your boy (Streetwise) would be subpoenaed in federal court later on. Scott Jurgensen was the aggressor this particular day, but he still was only “blowing smoke”. Otherwise, he would have called 911, you feel me?

Bottom Line

Merrillville Town Councilman Tom Goralczyk pleaded guilty to accepting brides for towing contracts. It is why Street was taking photos of Scott Jurgensen home. Street knew that he allegedly was a “silent partner” of Gabe Herrera. This source who was a former Hammond City Councilman told me one time that we talked. Towing scandal is in second year news as more indictment are forthcoming with “Midnight Blue” on deck along with Mayor Tom Uran of Crown Point. Allegation from very good sources who are “better than government check”. Street was betting on the come and getting some fresh art for the Blog. (TBC)