Monday, November 6, 2017

Prendo La Mecha - Lit the Match


Prendo La Mecha --- Lit the Match

        Former consultant sues Lake County auditor, a story by “Bill Boy” Dolan of The Times bore fruit. Soon there were emails and phone calls from sources that provided me with potential narratives to pursue.

A.    I.S.D. --- Ineligible Standard Deductions “shady business” at Lake County Treasurers office.

B.    Lake County Employee in the treasurer office had his kitchen cabinets paid by “big time county vendor.

C.   Sources in Crown Point allege Peggy Katona’s mom step on the job. Bochinche.

D.   People have been dropping dimes to State Board of Accounts of Indianapolis about the county offices.

Big Ten Four

Bare in mind that Street had heard about some of this alleged chicanery before. But now there were new sources coming out and confirming these stories. And once again it’s been going on for 35 years or more, you feel me?


People didn’t like Katona and Petalas playing that musical chair number with the Treasurer and Auditor offices.

Lake County Government Center

“It’s on like Donkey Kong”

Former consultant sues Lake County Auditor.

Prendo La Mecha --- Lit the Match