Friday, November 24, 2017

We Got A Harvey Weinstein

We Got Harvey Weinstein At Lake County Government Center

         Tried to tell the local people about a serial groper working at Calumet Township Trustee Office on 6th and Connecticut. He'd sneak out and bring back a 1/4 pound for the female client he liked. Source is telling me as Street couldn't believe his ears as this person brought me up to speed. This was about the  time "3 Letter Boyz" were working Mary Elgin. Street rode the Gary Bus looking for some feedback on Alex Wheeler, an alleged groper, who was in charge of job search there at Trustee Office. Alex Wheeler ain't but a hound-dog, and everybody knows that. Person on the bus tell me, "I believe it."  Woman told me as we talked on same bus. Street took a fairly good sample that day and encountered not one person who vouched for Alex Wheeler.

Back Story

          Source further allege that a woman who was groped by Alex Wheeler made an inquiring with EEOC to file a complaint. The woman who allegedly was groped by Alex Wheeler was at Calumet Trustee Office a short time later.... And nobody said boo!!!

Mary Elgin Next Move

         The woman who worked at job search was transferred to another department, and nobody said boo!!! It was business as usual for Alex Wheeler and merely a "speed bump".

Fly On the Wall Is Me

      Mary Elgin's home as she watches the nightly news about Uma Thurman and more on Harvey Weinstein ... Ditto for her son, Steven,  and all the others at Trustee Office who knew about Alex Wheeler and didn't say boo!!!