Saturday, December 9, 2017

3 Letter Boyz Allegedly Looking @ This Case

3 Letter Boyz Allegedly Looking @ This Case


Remember we had a march right there by the bridge for a protest where Verlie Suggs even joined us. Shorty’s brother swore that he wouldn’t jump off the bridge like that… Plus Street talked to a guy who alleged that he had seen a cop (Guy Mikulich) pushing Shorty over the bridge as we talked… He agreed to meet with me but never showed for the meeting. Called him later but got no answer.


Source told me that 3 letter boyz were at the coroner looking for Michael “shorty” Harris’s autopsy… but now 12.4.17 almost a month later Street gets another big ten four about 3 letter boyz looking @ Mikulich. And the crazy part is bochinche out there saying Buncich dropping dimes.

Why They Call me, Streetwise


Street said he talked to a woman who alleged had seen Mikulich push Shorty off the bridge. But she wouldn’t talk to the cops. They’re all cops, and they’re gonna stick together. Street got a last name on this Mexican lady and looking to do some canine work.
Guy Mikulich