Wednesday, December 27, 2017

4 Stacks -- Stacks of Money

4 Stacks (Stack of Money)


This “cat” from Gary, Indiana tells me that Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. toasting bread on Jamal Washington. Mayor McDermott, Jr. does a radio show on WLTH 1370AM. Once a week or something like that… “Johnny C” is Jamal Washington’s attorney, you feel me? Maybe, that beef between Cantrell and McDermott, Jr. is for real.

Note: Campaign Finance Report

Covered up names of other people is out of courtesy and respect.

Keep It One Hundred

7520 Broadway owes $600,000 on his property, and Petalas don’t say boo! But now he comes after Jamal Washington’s house because he owes $13,000 dollars. White man “skates, and Jamal faces the possibility of his house on the auction block. Ray Charles could see this.

Not one carry Jamal’s water, but this $600,000 dollar owed on 7520 Broadway is beyond absurd, and nobody says boo?

Coming Up

“They Had to Walk It Back”, 7520 Broadway