Monday, December 11, 2017

Enter Stage Door Left -- Precinct Committeemen

Enter Stage Door Left – Precinct Committeemen


Street was always looking for a backstory that hasn't already been “put on paper” as of this writing on 12.11.17. Source is “better than a government check”, you feel me? Just keeping it one hundred. The other backstory is that Petalas fired a woman in auditor office just recently. Nichole Charlene Botsford might be a live one.

Source Alleges

          About 40 days ago, Jamal Washington paid a visit to a Merrillville Democratic Precinct Committeeman’s home looking for support. Jamal Washington is planning to run for Lake County Clerk in 2018. So, he’s there working it, you feel me? There was also Merrillville Democratic Precinct Committeeman present during this meeting and seen it all. Precinct Committeeman who owned the house held the meeting to let Jamal know that he wouldn’t support him for County Clerk… This is when Jamal allegedly “went off” and started a fight with the other Precinct Committeeman. The Precinct Committeemen who is the owner had to separate them and kept them from fighting. The guy who Jamal Washington tried to start a fight with is 71 years old and walks with a cane!!!!