Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hush Money and Auction

$10,000 Hush Money?


     Was out looking for some "fresh art" on Jamal Washington's home and received a phone call. Source close to the story alleges that Mary Roddy was sexually harassed by Jamal Washington. This occurred during Mayor Rudy Clay's administration. Mary Roddy allegedly got $10.000 in hush money. (TBC)

$13, 000 in property owned on Jamal Washington's house at 5670 Connecticut Merillville
$600,000 owned on 7520 Broadway

Black and White to Me


This white man has his property in Crown Point at Lake County Trust #4673. He’s a gentleman who’s carried by Lake County Treasurer for 20 years or longer. One time in 2013-2014, 7520 Broadway was mistakenly put the commissioner’s tax sale. Remember Ed Hall, the winner, is the chosen one. There was a person who brought 7520 Broadway for $50,000 at tax sale which made treasurer “walk it back”. Ed Hall had his property back, and source assures me this guy got his money back and taken care of. It was just in a different capacity, you feel me.

Enter Stage Door Left… Jamal Washington

Now 12.15.2017, you read where they want to put up Jamal Washington’s home on the “auction block” etc., etc. This writer isn’t saying that it shouldn’t and in no way shape or form. My question is why isn’t 7520 Broadway property in jeopardy of being put on the auction like Jamal Washington’s property.