Thursday, December 7, 2017

Slap on the Wrist Files Report

Slap on the Wrist File


Remember an East Chicago Poe-Poe told me that there was a “slap on the wrist file” at the police station. This guy had just had a “fallout” with King Kong. So, this source was “good to go”. Alleged that if you screwed up and were cool with King Kong. You could skate. Note: Policy was allegedly on the way when Mayor Bob Pastrick was Mayor of East Chicago.  The report would be put in a slap on the wrist file to keep away from the newspaper. Street took mental notes as he listened to Poe-Poe who was taking me to school.


Street already has written about a potential cover-up involving woman driver and a head honcho at East Chicago Poe-Poe. Head honcho is “cool” with Mayor Copeland, and he “skates”. Source close to the backstory tells me that East Chicago Poe-Poe hasn’t been forthcoming with a request from the media. CAD call is the report from the radio room at East Chicago Poe-Poe on police report #17EC26962.

Legendary Slap on the Wrist Files

1.    Mark Montemayor – used to beat his wife.
2.    Will Askew – in jail right now and hasn’t been fired
3.    Willie Pabey – stole $6,000 dollars in bail bond money
4.    Ernestine Bass -- nickname shot out estranged husband’s car windows
5.    George Pabey – shot and killed Gilbert Bonilla
6.    Frank smith – before he was police chief, was fraternizing with a “C.I.” to be kind

Police Chief Frank Smith  knows who she is.