Monday, January 29, 2018

Hush Money Paid Out @ Gary City Hall

Hush Money Paid out @ Gary city Hall

Source had told me about some “shady stuff” including Jamal Washington. Street’s source alleges had issues with women when he worked at city hall. Bill Dolan wanted last name of lawyer, but Street had first name. “What you want, a roast beef on the side with Modelo to go with that?” Street teased.

$10,000 Hush Money?

Blog date 12.16.17
     Was out looking for some "fresh art" on Jamal Washington's home and received a phone call. Source close to the story alleges that Mary Roddy was sexually harassed by Jamal Washington. This occurred during Mayor Rudy Clay's administration. Mary Roddy allegedly got $10.000 in hush money. (TBC)

Coming Soon

The Times got it all now! More “dirty drawers” for Jamal Washington.

Marc Chase taking a photo of FBI truck @ Calumet Trustees Office... Street gave him the tip.