Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saw Me On the Witness Stand

People Who Saw Me on The Witness Stand @ Buncich Trial


This is the place where former East Chicago Poe-Poe “went off” and now sits in Lake County Jail charged with attempted murder. The house is on Olcott Ave in East Chicago south of Cesar Penez’s Shop, you feel me?

“Former East Chicago cop charged with attempted murder, allegedly tried in cover-up.”

Street heard some bochinche on this story from “a Source better than a government check” … My ears perked up like a good canine and motivated me to get a photo of said house on Olcott where this drama went down. “Prep work” just in case this story does “pop”. Street already got some “fresh art” in the archives for later… Being first isn’t the rush but rather being near the top is the rush for this writer.

This is why I answered “no way Jose in Judge Moody’s court in the federal trial of John Buncich. Street was sent to try and intimidate Scotty Jurgensen by allegedly taking photograph of his house. So freaking ludicrous that Street walked down from the witness stand and quietly whistled the tune from “The Addams Family” and popped his finger, too… Barely audible but it was duly noted.


Federal Grand Jury has been in session since last year, and local tow truck operators from East Chicago and Hammond done carried behinds to downtown Hammond.