Monday, February 5, 2018

Who Is Carolyn Jordan?

Who Is Carolyn Jordan?


She ran for Lake County Recorder against Michelle Fajmin one time and had $800.00 dollars in her war chest. Yet, she was able to garner 9,000 votes in Gary. Where Michelle Fajmin allegedly gave Elsie Franklin $10,000 for endorsement of Gary Democratic Precinct Organization and garnered 800 votes. Somewhere in middle of 2017, word was out that they were gonna give Carolyn Jordan $5,000 to stay out of the Lake County Recorder race. This time was around. We fast forward to 2018 and discover that Lake County Recorder Mike Brown is being sued by a woman working in his office. Furthermore, this woman is suing Mike Brown for trading sex for full time employment, etc. Thus, the deal of $5,000 for Carolyn Jordan to stay out of the recorder race was now “off the table”.

Part II

Then the focus shifted to getting Carolyn Jordan to run for Lake County Clerk, and they would “play for everything”. This was floating around in Gary, and they “made their moves” to try and set the table (Lake County Bro).

Part III

Heard on the phone that Carolyn Jordan had a heart. Sure, hope Carolyn Jordan the best and steady recovery. 70 years old and worked at Calumet Township Trustee office. P.S., Michelle Fajmin said that she personally drove out to the precincts in Gary to look for herself… Nobody was wearing my streamers or passing out my pluggers and literature. Michelle Fajmin was pissed as she talked.