Friday, March 30, 2018

E. C. Cop Found Dead

East Chicago Policeman Korey Dumas was found dead this morning (3.30.18)


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

If East Chicago Police Don't Care, Why Should We?

“If East Chicago Police Doesn’t Care, Why Should We?”


Father Steve had complained to me about a “oriental health spa” that was a front for prostitution… He was hot because it was two blocks from his church. “Heresy,” he called it. Street had an aggressive young cat who wanted to get included and always want to be like a protégé. Street put him through a “test drive” where he called Indiana State Police and told them “blues songs” that Father Steve Gibson was singing about prostitution down two blocks from the church.

“If East Chicago Police Department doesn’t care, why should we,” Indiana State Police told my protégé.

Sheriff Roy Dominguez

“Oh, sure, I’ll meet with Father Gibson over the matter,” Sheriff Roy Dominguez told me, but the meeting never came to fruition… Street was straight up and told Father Steve Gibson where we were at.

Lay of the Land

“Both Mayor Pastrick and his opponent, George Pabey, didn’t care about prostitution in our city,” Father Steve Gibson tells me.

How It Came Together

There was a town hall meeting at O.L.G. Church with Mayor Pabey and his “posse”. Chief Police Machuca, Assistant Police Chief Median, Lt. John Nava and Manny Montalvo, etc., etc. Some guy in the audience “broke it down”

“When are you gonna get rid of thee whore house in town,” this guy cut to the chase.

“We’ve already closed down location at Euclid and Broadway, and we’re working on Magun in East Chicago,” Mayor Pabey referred to prostitution activity by "Street" since everybody knew about the “cat houses” for 30 or more years. Peter Mabels --> Oriental Health Spa.

Fast Forward

Father Steve Gibson eyeballs copy of video from town hall meeting at O.L.G. got from me.

“My people say it’s still business as usual at Oriental Health Spa,” Father Steve Gibson tells me. I’m thinking about my options because Street was already on George Pabey’s ass for killing Gilbert Bonilla…

“Why don’t you call city hall,” Father Steve tried me one more time.

“Come on, Padre, why you don’t call East Chicago City Hall, Street advised him.


Father Steve Gibson called up East Chicago City Hall and told them what his “flock” told him about the prostitution still going on etc., etc. It wasn’t too long after “dropping that dime at East Chicago City Hall that Oriental Health Spa was history!!!

That’s why President Trump and those whores didn’t surprise me. Didn’t watch 60 Minutes.