Saturday, March 17, 2018

A New Bochinche



Had a source tell me that 7520 Broadway, Merrillville, Indiana was sold at Commissioners’ tax sale for $15,000… This according to source who was out there both days and another day to bid on properties. Street was peeping this story because a source told me that this has been going on with a Mr. Ed Hall for like 20 years or more. Source allege that our Mr. Ed Hall even worked for the county doing tax work, etc., etc. back in the day. "News is what people don’t want you to know. All the rest is just advertisement." Read this somewhere and thought of “The Times” here in my backyard, you feel me?

P.S. Nayda, the bus driver for East Chicago Transit, can tell you what bochinche means… Puerto Rican Frankie also will tell you too.