Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Brother Paul's Testimony

My brother Paul’s Testimony


My brother Paul “Weedy” Moreno was always a little… He was real skinny with a nickname of Weedy. Remember how he would never take his shirt off in the summer because Weedy had skinny chest and arms… Remember one time, we were discussing Weedy’s weight, and he wouldn’t tell us his weight. I was able to grab my big brother’s wallet to get a look at his drivers’ license… The look on my brother’s face was that of disdain. He felt slighted because I could expose his weight from the drivers’ license… It wasn’t funny, okay. Maybe, my brother Paul had some self-esteem issues kinda going on.


Weedy started pumping iron and working out at Sunrise Health Club in Hessville, Indiana. Weedy had a sport row and drinking milk shakes to put on weight. The whole nine. My brother was entering weight lifting competitions and doing quite well for his classification. Street has seen the transformation. Weedy didn’t own a shirt with sleeves. Tank tops and Dago T to show off “his gun”, you feel me? Street was West Coast when my brother Paul “Weedy” Moreno came out to visit me. “Can you take me to Gold’s Gym?” Was the first thing out of his mouth. It turns out my brother ran into “The Incredible Hulk”, Lou Ferrigno, at Gold’s Gym in Santa Monica. natural, Weedy from the Harbor had to get a picture.

My Goal

To develop a weight lifting competition for the young guys like my brother who loved to pump iron… Complete in a first-class completion. (B.T.S.)


D.J. for background to hype the participant and the crowd. Iron Man Metallica and the game changer will be Facebook Live. M.C. will introduce each participant by name, age, weight and what high school that he is representing. “Spotlight will be on the participant.

Digital Camera

Will record all the participants who complete in the completion. Podcast for the internet.

Battle of the Studs

1.  Squats
2.  Bench Press
3.  Deadlift