Friday, March 9, 2018

Street 0.09.18


Source close to the story told me about how a “Fed” was bewildered when he saw photo of Marissa McDermott and Jamal Washington.
“Why would she do that,” Fed asked my source.
“Because she needed a black person to take her door to door in Gary to pass out her literature.”
“This was like a ghetto pass,” Street had to interject.
“You’re absolutely right, a ghetto pass, I like that,” he tells me.
But you scroll down, and you read this stuff. You can start to imagine why Fed was bewildered by this photo.

Robert Battle

Not Here Anymore


Ray Camarillo, Jr was allegedly murdered in 2015 by Robert Battle. Then the building on Euclid where Ray Camarillo, Jr. was found dead in the alley was torn down. Robert Battle, if convicted, will be gone for a long time. Note: Ray Camarillo, Sr. in photo with his son.