Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Bombing East Chicago Post Office

Hammond Police Department provided security @Dave WestLand's law office.
PW2 =Postal Worker #2
East Chicago Post Office on Chicago Avenue

Brown                  Wieser                        Murphy
Westland           McDermott, Jr                Smith

"5 lawyers and Lefty eased out of Election Board Meeting with "rentaal-lease agreement" unbeknownst to them.
John Nauracy aka Lefty

Think somebody playing an old Indian trick here where you toss a stone to get people to look elsewhere?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tow Scam Kicks into Second Phase

“Towing Scam Kicks into Second Phase”


Got a call Thursday that Murcheck, Brezak, Mayor Uran, and a guy Schererville were gonna be indicted, but Murcheck was the only one indicted this go round… But Source close to the story alleges that “Midnight Blue” also is allegedly on deck to be indicted. Source further alleges that Jerry Kundich talks about knowing he’s going to jail…
“All I know is I give Scotty Jurgensen a check once a month,” Gabe Herrera told people when Channel 2, Channel 7, and Fox TV truck flocked to Lake County Government Center.

Federal Grand Jury in 2017

Source alleges that Kundich took the 5th Amendment and ditto for Gabe Herrera? S & S was also called in for a Grand Jury appearance.


You look at the tow sheet, and you’ll see how Kundich beat out his nearest competitor by double amount of tows… You’ll see how Jan’s Towing was at bottom of the heap… But stay tune because like Dedelow always says “Lake County never fails to disappoint.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Times Given Sheriff Martinez Alot of Ice Cream

“The Times Given Sheriff Martinez A lot of Ice Cream”


The Times came out and endorsed Sheriff Martinez not too long ago, and now this front-page story patting him on the back!!! It was the proverbial and obligatory story on how Sheriff Martinez conduced a nationwide search for a new warden for Lake County Jail and play even better in the local media which implies that Sheriff Martinez is proactive. and he may be … My point is that wait until this new warden (Zenk) had to discipline a guard who is a precinct committeeman from Merrillville (Untouchable). How’s this former 3 letter Boyz gonna act. One only need to look at “911 Director” who brought in after nationwide search, and then he met Jamal Washington… Mr. Hitchcock jumped the fence, and it was adios amigos.

My Beef with Ligon and Dowling

These two gentlemen are running for Lake County Sheriff that would be a retirement job for job for them like former John Buncich. Street wants a sheriff with a lot of miles of tread on them wheels he’s rollin’ on, you feel me. Ditto for Burrzach or whatever his name is...

P.S. 3 Letter Boyz are like anybody else… They don’t pee. 7-up, we’ll see how Warden Zenk pans out.