Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Great Visit But Can't Say Much.

Porter County Jail

Great Visit But Can’t Say Much


Eric Krieg, Dirty White Boy, was the nickname that Street gave him early on when they met like 7 years ago. Dirty White Boy was a pretty sharp tool in the box. So, Street would pick his brain and seek him out for a website that might be able to assist me in my research… It was like that. We had lunch at “Big Frank’s in Roxana… then, maybe, one more time at McDonald’s on Indianapolis Blvd in East Chicago. Well manner, soft spoken, clean shaven and sporting a crew cut. No tattoos, Mohawk haircut or anything of this ilk. That’s why Street called him Dirty White Boy because it’s like fat guys when they call slim, you feel me. I digress, but Dirty White Boy would call me up sometimes, and I’d answer the phone

“Who’s this,” Street would bark into the phone. Eric, Dirty White Boy, would answer. “Who,” street would jerk his chain.

“Eric,” again Dirty White Boy would respond… “Oh, Dirty White Boy,” Street would laugh out loud. So did Eric Krieg.

One question I did ask Dirty White Boy. “Did you tell the 3 Letter Boyz that you did plant that bomb, etc., etc. And for them to have Lefty and Street alone because they don’t know nothing. Street did this thing.

“I never told them that,” Dirty White Boy told me.

Because how else would you explain the 3 Letter Boyz not paying us a visit since Lefty and I were with Dirty White Boy 2 days before he was arrested.

Go this website, and you can sign to go visit Eric, White Dirty Boy, Krieg.   

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