Saturday, May 26, 2018

If Your Police Department Ain't Straight, Forget About It

“If Your Police Department Ain’t Straight, Forget About it”

Last update, Street mentioned how East Chicago SWAT Team was dishonored because some weaponry turned up missing etc., etc. This was under Police Chief Machuca’s watch… nobody said boo! Right after that e-mailer tells me another case where East Chicago Poe-Poe had an AR-15 and bullet proof vest stolen from him.

Police… Allegedly, Bryan Payne was out drinking one night and got into a beef with some guys at this “local watering” hole, etc., etc. These guys followed Bryan Payne to home and broke into his garage, and they took the AR-15 and bullet proof vest. A.T.F. did nothing. Bryan Payne was East Chicago Poe-Poe and Willie Pabey--- nephew… Willie Pabey is George Pabey’s cousin. So, they let Bryan Payne skate.

New Bochinche

There is a new bochinche about more weaponry missing East Chicago Department, and this allegedly under another Chief of Police for East Chicago Poe-Poe… And just now, Street thinks about these scenarios and two East Chicago Poe-Poe’s clowning. Allegedly driving around town sipping on whiskey when one of them allegedly fired a shot in the air. (Source Police Chief Smith and Commander Taylor woo-woo-wooing about this b.s.)


Source alleges Aguilera acts like a cowboy.