Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Day East Chicago Poe-Poe Went South

The Day East Chicago Poe-Poe Went South”


The term entry point comes to mind ass you read in “The Times” where they have a task force investigating an East Chicago Poe-Poe who may have “a little too much cowboy in him. And then my mind turned to Liembach, a Hammond Poe-Poe who pointed a gun at one of his superior and was fired from Hammond Police Department. The back story here is that Liembach’s dad and Mrvan, Jr.’s dad are real good friends for years. Liembach’s father was also a Hammond Poe-Poe.

Enter Stage Door Left -- Mayor George Pabey

My sources are better than a government check and laid out a narrative. So pragmatic but wreaks of “pro quid pro”. Allegedly, Frank Mrvan, Jr. made a deal with Mayor Pabey to hire Liembach at East Chicago Police Department. Then Mrvan, Jr. would hire Pabey’s daughter as a PR person for North Township Trustee Office!!! But Pabey’s daughter was “let go” because she called off work too many days.

Liembach also pulled a gun on a Mexican guy at a local water hole and stole a generator from a house on the Southside while on duty. we can thank Angelo Machuca and Pabey for Liembach. Don’t forget Mrvan, Jr.

Great Quote

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King Kong

Even though Mayor Pabey was wounded by the federal indictment. He was still “calling shots” at East Chicago Poe-Poe. Machuca was out, and Flores was in as Chief of Police.