Thursday, May 3, 2018

Settlement in Oxbow Landing case

Musical Chair --- Team McDermott, Jr


Marty Wieglus --- Chief of Staff Mayor McDermott, Jr.
Phil Taillan --- Chief  of Hammond Redevelopment Commissioner


Dave Westland -- Attorney for Hammond Redevelopment Commissioner
Marty Wieglus -- Chief of Hammond Redevelopment Commissioner
Phil Taillan --      Chief of Staff Mayor McDermott, Jr

John Blosky --  Consultant for Hammond Redevelopment, and his company Amereco Inc. does asbestos abatement work for City of Hammond.
 HUD asleep at the wheel
Amereco, Inc., Blosky's company is overseeing West Calumet demolition ... Was he properly vetted? Source tells me story of whom in 2003-- South Lake  County Government Center had asbestos abatement project where the budget morphed from 1'4 million dollars to 7 million dollar. Sources tell me John dull knows Blosky real good.
 Guess who owns this property that caught fire? H.R.C. Remember fire at old Glidden Paint Factory on Hamp Road that was also arson.