Monday, May 21, 2018

They In The Gutter Y'all

“They in the Gutter Y’all”

This is what Street wants that federal judge to understand about the narrative over there at 6th and Massachusetts, Calumet Township Office. Sources had told me about Alex Wheeler being a “touchy, feely” type of guy. He’d grope some of the female clients who came looking for assistance, etc.; etc. The ones he’d like. Mr. wheeler might sneak at and bring them back a quarter pound.

One day, Mr. Wheeler allegedly groped a female client who contacted E.E.O.C. about allegedly filing a complaint. This writer’s ears started to perk up like a good K-9. Before you knew it, this woman was now working for the Calumet Trustee Office, you feel me? and Mary Elgin had to sign off on the move and knew all about it. Woman who worked with Alex Wheeler in the same office was transferred. Nobody said boo!