Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dick Johnson

Lake County Voter & Registration

“Dick Johnson”


Mayor McDermott, Jr. was Lake County Chairman for the Democratic Precinct Organization… Michelle Fajmin lost her bid for Lake county Recorder but landed on her feet. Tom McDermott, Jr. made her Chief of “LCVR” (Lake County Voter and Registration). Nice parachute, huh?

The Narrative from Eric Krieg

He allegedly went to the LCVR to pick up some paperwork (a politician’s campaign finance report. Eric Krieg signed the request form as “Dick Johnson” when the clerk took the back to Michelle Fajmin… We fast forward, and Michelle Fajmin is looking at Eric Krieg. “Are you, Dick Johnson," she allegedly asked him. “Yeah,” Eric Krieg answered. Just like that. Michelle Fajmin a picture of Eric Krieg (cell phones a bitch) and shot it to McDermott.

The Movie Part

Mayor McDermott, Jr. allegedly calls Michelle Fajmin back and tells her… “That ain’t Dick, Johnson, that’s Eric Krieg,” McDermott, Jr. said.


As told to Streetwise at Porter County Jail this past Monday.

10-4-17 Post Tribune