Thursday, June 7, 2018

Scott Rakos's Nickname

Guess What Was Scott Rakos’s Nickname @ Hammond Fire


Had a source who started “dropping dimes” about Scott Rakos, 6th District Councilman from Hammond and retired fireman… Street doesn’t question this “cat’s” motive, just his intel” ... Seems as though Scott Rakos’s nickname was Rip Van wrinkle because he was always sleeping the “communication room” of the firehouse. Side Bet that almost everyone, except Marissa in photo know what Rakos’s nickname was. This translate into “first salvo” in 2019 Hammond Councilman races. Buckle up!

Team McDermott, Jr.

Source alleges that Scott Rakos, Opinker, Chief Smith, and Pat Moore, Jr. are all involved in some “shady stuff”.

Councilman Scott Rakos, Hammond 6th Hammond


All roads lead to Team McDermott, Jr.