Thursday, August 2, 2018

Video of the Shooting Sought

photo from The Times
Shooting Video Sought

Keeping It One Hundred

Street 8.2.18

“If it doesn’t make no money, it doesn’t make no sense.” This is the title to a “rap song” that Street had heard. In talking to a friend from Gary, Street tried to explain that this generation and other prior call each dog. Girls do the same. Way back in the day, the young called their friends or associates “cats”, you feel me?

Fast Forward to Shooting in Calumet

Now “The Poe-Poe” wants the young people to help them find a murderer. “Shooting video sought”. Various law enforcement agencies couldn’t put up at least 2 thousand dollars for a reward. Because if you’re fishing for that video, put some bait on that hook.


Get well Mr. Carter and prayers for the other young man who shot and killed that night in Calumet.

P.S.: Poe-Poe is what young people called the policeman in the Hood.

I love my city, too.