Monday, September 17, 2018

McDermott, Jr. and Open Mic 2

McDermott, Jr. and Open Mic II


This black guy who volunteered at East Chicago Public Access Cable in East Chicago had entered my world. And this guy was a friend of Streetwise for years. 9.11.18 was the first time my “homey” tell me this narrative about McDermott, Jr. and the open mic, you feel me. Street was trying to decipher this whole scenario and got it right. The truth is our number one commodity, and new is what people don’t want you to know. All the rest is advertisement. The essence of this blog and my “DNA”.

He tells me that he remembered when McDermott, Jr.  had attacked Rudy Clay from Gary about taking bus load of kids from Gary High Schools to register them to vote in Crown Point, Indiana about sixty days before the 2008 General Election.
“Them kids should be in school,” McDermott, Jr. was quoted in the newspaper here in backyard of East Chicago, Indiana. Keep in mind that Rudy Clay was for Obama, and Tom McDermott was with Hillary Clinton.
Source starts to tell that it was here at this moment that he told others about the open mic story and McDermott, Jr. at the former East Chicago Public Access cable studio. But not me.

The Money

“How come you never told me about the open mic,” Street got real with him, and my ears perked up like a good K-9.
“I thought I told you, Streetwise,” He told me.
“This is the first time I’ve heard this story,” Street tells him.
“Well, maybe, I forget,” Source continues to explain to me the whole narrative.
I started to think about that open mic and made it easy for me to understand how he would talk about “black kids should be in school”.
“He didn’t like the big voter register turn out,” my source continues to explain.

Morale to the Story

Fake news that McDermott, Jr. and Verlie Suggs met for coffee to discuss him taking her place Tuesday on a radio show. But this fake news led to some “killer news” about McDermott, Jr. that blew my mind, you feel me? This fake news also mentioned that McDermott sent out that used the “N-word” in denying this meeting over coffee.