Thursday, November 29, 2018

Off Those Thirty Years

"They Won't Get Off Those Thirty Years
     This was one of the last time that Street had gone to visit Eric Krieg in Porter County Jail... We were talking in general when he talked about his lawyer, Kevin Milner, was in negotiations with the government.

Q. How is the negotiations is going?
A. They won't get off the thirty years.

     Do we really  know anyone at the end of the day. Never seemed it coming because Eric Krieg had too much, etc., etc. WOW!!

Adios Eric

P.S. Eric Krieg did say that the "3 Letter Boyz" were looking @ Mayor McDermott, Jr.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Street Cred Podcast #1

Happy Thanks Giving 2018

Assistant Police Chief of East Chicago Hector Rosario with East Chicago Subways Owner Don Downey
Irma, Manger of Subways on Columbus Drive and Main Street
Fire Chief Anthony Serna of East Chicago with Don Downey

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Podcast Date 11.14.18 10AM

Street Cred Podcast

Thanksgiving Show 2018

Guests --- Glad to help

Mayor Anthony Copeland --  East Chicago

Hector Rosario  - Assistant Police Chief of East Chicago

Dr. Finley - Assistant Superintendent of East Chicago Schools

Anthony Serna - Fire Chief of East Chicago

Captain Abraham Marin -- Salvation Army of East Chicago

Don Downey - Owner Subway Restaurant in East Chicago.


Mayor Copeland, Hector Rosario and Dr. Finley will be my first group… They will introduce themselves on the podcast and then give us a Thanksgiving story.

“Share with the community that you serve if you would,” Street started the interview.

Ditto for Serna, Marin Downey.



Friday, November 2, 2018

Let's Pump Iron


     Coach Richards took over the football program @ Morton High School, and he immediately insisted a weigh-lifting program there. It was his belief to make his guys bigger and stronger which would translate into more self-confidence in his players. Once he "got it going", you could see the guys cutting off the sleeves on their T-shirt to show off them "guns". They worked for them.
       Kenny Monroe told me as we discussed a community out reach program for our "young people" These "young people" will only be 17 and 18 years old only once. Let's give them something to remember.

Note: Rooster creating new logo

"Battle of the Studs" will now become "Pumping Iron". Spring 2019 and anxious to produce a great venue in East Chicago.

Who Dat?

Roy-El Woods, Dave Wright, Mario? And I forgot the other 2 guys in the photo.