Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Back Story

A Back Story


Remember writing to get a photo of Lake County John Buncich and East Chicago Chief of Police Mark Becker together for a “photo op”… Street wants  both them to maybe ride East Chicago Transit free buses and meet people, etc.; etc.


Community Outreach, that’s me, boss!

“I’m not taking a picture with that guy,” Becker tells me “right out the freaking gate” which means, “No way Jose”. Street did his thing now.

“Come on, Chief, you can’t take one for the team,” Street teased.

“Not with that guy,” Chief Becker was adamant about the photo op slash Community Outreach Program of mines. He’d do it fine but not with Sheriff Buncich, you feel me?

20/20 Hindsight

This could have been time. “3 Letter Boyz” were working Sheriff Buncich. They’re looking @ him. Verbiage  -- that enters the foray  when  3 Letter Boyz are reference by Streetwise in these script.

Bottom Line

Chief Becker rode the bus in East Chicago that goes to Ameristar Casino with a bus load, and he came alone… Street took mental notes and watched a Black woman “put the touch” on the Chief Becker.

“Lend me 20 bucks, Chief,” she asked.

Chief Becker threw his hands up in the air. “I don’t have no money. My wife has it,” Becker responds, and the passengers laugh as Street notices that Becker peeped this reaction.

On Main and Broadway as we waited for another bus, some guy was carrying a shoe shine box. “Shine ‘em up, Chief,” this lanky black dude asked Becker. “Yeah, shine ‘em up,” Street hollers. and Chief was “blending in”.

Keep It One Hundred

Things went good on the bus ride, but it got even better later when Street “turner it up a notch”. Riding on the bus approaching Chicago and Railroad Avenue in East Chicago without Sheriff Buncich…

“You really want get down, Chief,” Street suggested.

“Yeah,” Chief Becker was feelin” me.

“This bus goes right by the Sal, and you should break bread there,” Street told him.

“Let’s go, Chief,” Becker tells me.

Chief Becker grubbed and left a $20.00 tip… Posed for photo with the staff, etc.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

Towing Bribery Scam Might Have Legs

Towing Bribery Scam Might Have Legs


    Early on when Sheriff Buncich was first indicted, you heard about Midnight Blue being "on deck" along with Mayor Uran, Crown Point, where strong allegations were out there. Even in talking to a former Lake County Commissioner who also heard the same allegations about Midnight Blue and Mayor Uran... We're talking Gerry Scheub here, you feel me!?

    This is the guy that Scotty Jurgensen said was paying bribed to Lake County Sheriff Buncich... Kundich allegedly took "the 5th" at a Federal Grand Jury... Remember he got like 90 tows in July one year which was more than Jan's Towing got in a year.


Midnight Blue is also in Portage.
    Scotty Jurgensen and Mark Becker were there in Portage for a short stint... Becker as Chief of Poe-Poe in Portage, and Scotty Jurgensen towed cars there for Portage Police Department.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Things Warning Up Around Here

"Things might start warming up around here"

The following document is residue left over from Sheriff John Buncich's trial...

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

138th & Main Street

138th and Main


The flower pots are beautiful, but can we bring any retailers to 138th and Main Street.