Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lord Continue to Keep Jessie

Lord Continue to Keep Jessie


Remember Edna Diaz came looking for Jessie @ East Chicago Main Library one day in the summer. She had  plate of food for Jessie, you feel me? Jessie’s been on the street of Indiana Harbor for more than 20 years living as a “homeless person”… He may have started out over there by the Harbor Lounge on Watling and Guthrie. was an emptied trailer that he slept in. Now, we fast forward to 1.29.19, and it’s gonna be freezing cold 12 below zero and wind chill factor of 40-50 below zero, etc., etc.
Right now, Jessie is posted up @ Bronko’s Muffler Shop that’s been closed for years. This is on Columbus Drive west of Main Street where he strolls over to Subway on Main and Columbus Drive for coffee or a sandwich. Where he’s posted up over the years.
·         Busy Corner. Nagdeman is a clothing store after it closed.
·         Broadway next door to North Township Trustee Office by Clark gas station.
·         Across the street from the Post Office on Main Street
·         Bronko’s Muffler Shop on Columbus Drive across from the former County Fresh Market

Back Story

Years back when it also got freezing cold. East Chicago Poe-Poe took Jessie to a Homeless Home shelter in Hammond… But he was back in Indiana Harbor a couple days later. May the Lord continue to keep Jessie!!!

Adios Jessie