Saturday, January 26, 2019

Missing Pages From This Homicide

“Missing Pages From This Homicide”


Source have given this freelance writer  some allegations involving the murder of Jazmin Esquivel in East Chicago… The allegations are that pages started to disappear from the police report @ East Chicago Poe-Poe which wreaks of potential cover-up… Street went to East Chicago Poe-Poe about 4 years ago when allegations first started to surface about pages of police report started to disappear.

Sergeant @ Desk Told Me

“Can I get a copy of Jazmin Esquivel’s police report,” Street asked.
“Can’t do it,” Sergeant @ front desk replied.
“Why not?” Street leaned forward towards glass partition @ front desk
“FBI came and took all our felony case,” Sergeant told me.
“You couldn’t even get a xerox copy,” Street probes
“They took the originals,” Sergeant responded.
“Ain’t a bitch,” Street murmured to himself as he left the police station.