Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Only Phone in My Phone

The Only Photo in My Phone


    Daughter was an innocent by slander, so that "bit" about me video taping Scotty's daughter was fake news, you feel me? This was me just getting "some fresh art" for my blog, because there was some "bochinche" out there on Scotty Jorgensen... Street was "betting on the come" that Scotty might be "shady", and another story might pop up, etc. 


    Jan's Towing said that he told Assistant U.S. Attorney that if he was going to intimidate someone that he wouldn't take a witness with him. Thanks Jan.
Street Continues

    They told me to bring my cell phone to federal court to check out the picture in my phone but all "woo-woo-woo". Street was pissed when "they" never even looked at my cell phone, you feel me?