Friday, February 22, 2019

Memo to G.I.

“Memo To G.I.”


Street was the “Mexican Cat” who did a stint @ WLTH 1370AM and coined the phrase, We Love the Hood. Courtney, some Vietnam Vet and regular callers to WLTH tried to bite off me. For me if he’s happy, Street is tickles to death. I ain’t mad @ you boss, you feel me?

“Sister City”

This is how Mayor Copeland returned to Gary, Indiana in an article from The Times. My thoughts are in accord with Mayor Copeland of East Chicago. Seems like G.I. want to eat and break the plate. My mentor always said, “half of something beats all of nothing.”

“Hold Harmless Clause

This what Street is saying because we want “G.I.” to prosper but make a concession to their grandiose ideas.


Ricardo “StreetWise” Moreno

P.S.: Street gave Mayor Copeland  the nickname of “Jackie”.