Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Big 10-4

Big 10-4


    Talking to a source from G.I. and looking for a big 10-4 on my theory involving these two politicos....  And this photo was from when times were "cool" for both of them until now. Jamal is in Lake County jail again for allegedly beating up "Miss Thing" inside her own crib where Jamal was staying. Tom McDermott 50,000 problems, you feel me?

My Theory

    This money from "Team McDermott" to Jamal Washington is only the money on paper that he collected. Suddenly, we're talking about how much "soft money" Jamal got from Team McDermott, Jr. 
     "Who told you" my Source fires back @ me. Street just smiled.

Bottom Line

     Jamal Washington might be taking "singing lessons" since all his "water holes" have dried up.