Monday, March 4, 2019

Got Fine

 "Got Fine for Being a Democrat?"


     This was Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. singing the blues on WJOB about being fined 50 thousand dollars for being a Democratic... Told us to ask Governor Holcomb why he made the settlement for 50 thousand dollars... etc.;etc. My ears perked up when days later Street got a couple of document that could possibly be a "dot to connect" in the 50 thousand dollars settlement  to Mayor McDermott Jr. story. This source who was "better than a government check drops some stuff on me, and it is now!  The 50 thousand dollars settlement paid by Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. hasn't been posted on website.
     "Is that rare?" Street put on that K-9 cap.
     "Very rare," Source answered.
     Snoring in the background is The Times, Post-Tribune and Jodi @ (WJOB. Dee-Da-Low).