Monday, April 22, 2019

Lefty Planting the Seed

Lefty Planting That Seed

     Lefty went in front of the Lake County Board of Election in Crown Point, and he filed his complaint against Team McDermott... Street didn't always agree with Lefty (Jan's Towing) but would defend right to say it. Thus Street went with Lefty to let him know that he had a "homey", who had his back. "Esquna," they say in Spanish, okay. Street took his digital camera to take some photos aand also to try and throw "Tom McDermott" off balance. 
     Kevin Smith, Dave "Double Down" Westland, Justin Murphy, and Jim Wieser were "cadre of lawyers or compadres" of the Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. Kevin Smith wouldn't even look up at me for a photo. Dave "Double Down" Westland's forehead was real shinny as Street surveyed the room inside the Lake County Government Center. McDermott had that "shit face" grin as he looked over @ us.

Them Tires Hit the Road

     Mayor McDermott, Jr spoke up about about having to defend these frivolous complaints were, instead he could have been @ a elementary school talking to the kids. Yet, Lefty's complaint found its way to the Indiana Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen. allegedly, Mayor McDermott, Jr was fined $50,00 dollars for campaign finance violation in his role as his wife's campaign treasurer in 2017 when she ran for judge, Federal Election, and why this case is being looked @, you feel me?

Lefty planted the seed