Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Stealing in Plain Sight

Street (Theft @ East Chicago Poe-Poe)

     Gun permit money became like a "cookie jar" to East Chicago Poe-Poe who already had baggage along with Willie Pabey, etc., etc. @ casino. This was under the watch of Chief Machuca and Medina. All part of Mayor Pabey's Posse... This is what comes to mind when Street notices a Medina sign, ain't feelin' him.

S.B.O.A. Audit

     East Chicago Clerk was also Mayor Pabey's Campaign Manager who AKA Chuy Tuna after tavern that he owned.
Lefty (Jan's Towing) Is on Deck @ The Times


     The "white boy" from "Frogville" made it to The Times in Munster for a sit down, and you know Lefty  broke it down like a shotgun!!! Coming soon!

Side Bar

     "You know why he stuck around so long," Source asked Streetwise.
     "Why," Street went along.
     "Because he found different ways to wet his beak," Source, better than a government check, told me.
Salt N Peppa

     Look @ McDermott, Jr and his wife, you start to get the picture... It's like a "universal hustle" where "politicians " might use campaign "war Chest" for personal use and household income...