Saturday, May 4, 2019

Having A Flashback

Having A Flashback

Street (2002)

Remember meeting a young reporter who worked for The Times in Iowa but now based here. It was Marc Chase who after Indiana Supreme Court called for a Special Mayoral Election in East Chicago got interested in Gilbert Bonilla story. (George Pabey had filed a complaint against Mayor Bob Pastrick in 22003 East Chicago Mayoral Election.) In 2002, Street had “pitched him” Gilbert Bonilla Homicide 1985 on Halloween night. But Marc Chase said that he needed a “entry point”, since this was dated and old story.

Well, we now had our “entry point”… Street, who the Bonilla Family, Angel, the father, Alfredo, Maria, and step-mother, all met with Marc Chase. Plus he got autopsy from us and crime scene photos from the “coroner’s report where we filed a court order to obtain them. (700 dollars for Cy Ruman to make this happen. The Times even sent out a photographer to get some “fresh art”: Photo of Angela Bonilla holding a picture of his son near the crime scene.

After spending over 100 hours investigating, Marc Chase story about the Gilbert Bonilla homicide was pulled @ the 11th hour. It seems as though The Times “caved in” when Ned Ruff, Mayor George Pabey’s attorney, allegedly threatened to sue if they printed the Gilbert Bonilla story. Bill Nangle made the call to “pull the story”. Will Rackie is now the new report in Munster. Now, Marc Chase has Bill Nangle’s job. Will Rackie has been working on the Mayor McDermott story for a minute.

We hope Mayor McDermott, Jr. doesn’t threaten to sue The Times if they print the article already in the works, because they might “cave in” like the last time that they did against George Pabey. Written by a guy who’s been left @ the altar!